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of edward snowden the admitted leaks of nsa state secrets. we're live in moscow. >>> nelson mandela's health has deteriorated and become critical. a live update from south africa. >>> the second degree murder trial of george zimmerman in the trayvon martin shooting begins today. >>> plus death-defying moves. the super moon, did you see it? and lebron james cashing in on yet another $7 million a year. does he need it? >>> very good morning. it's nice to see you, i'm veronica de la cruz. he's arguably the most wanted man in the world. edward snowden is evading u.s. authorities in a game of cat and mouse, fleeing hong kong sunday and flying into moscow. after spending the night in russia, snowden is reportedly flying into cuba today and then venezuela. u.s. lawmakers are not pleased. they want him brought back to the u.s. >> what's infuriating here is prime minister putin of russia aiding and abetting snowden's escape. the bottom line is very simple. allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways. and putin almost seems eager to put a finger in the eye of the united states. >> i want to
>> our thoughts and those of americans and people all around the world are with nelson mandela and his family and all of south africa. south first visit to africa's president, barack obama pays tribute to his personal hero. remains inandela critical condition in hospital. barack obama will visit his family members in the coming hour. ♪ >> welcome to the program live thedoha. president obama and jacob duma our meeting and we are live in pretoria. perot and anti-government protesters clashed in egypt. retired u.s. generals as allegations that he leaked confidential data to the media are preposterous. about 100 tour de france is about to get under way. we will have a preview. ♪ ♪ visiting obama is south africa for the first time as president. he has been talking to his counterpart, jacob duma. is a hugely symbolic but right now, it is the former president of south africa, nelson mandela, who is at the forefront of people's concerns. he is a hero to obama. both men were the first black presidents of their respective countries and both were awarded the nobel peace prize cree.
>> concerns grow for nelson mandela as jacob zuma cancels a trip abroad. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. at there thrilled prospects. we truly stand at a tipping point. >> gay couples benefit from a supreme court ruling. herting kicks off between testers and police before a big match against uruguay. >> kevin rudd returns as australia's prime minister. south african president jacob zuma has canceled a trip abroad as it appears nelson mandela's health is deteriorating. he is in hospital in pretoria. >> to president jacob zuma came to the hospital and visited nelson mandela and after that he gave a brief statement in which he described nelson mandela's condition is still critical. he said there was to be a state -- a summit in mozambique but that has been canceled. jacob zuma will not be going because he simply feels it is not the right time to leave south africa particularly with nelson mandela in such a critical condition. we do not know this officially from the president's office but we do understand from a number of credible sources that nelson mandela is now on life su
will be able to see nelson mandela. >> bolivian children living with their parents in jail. the government says it is time for them to go. we begin in the united states where general james cartwright, once a second highest-rated officer in the u.s. military, is being investigated for leaking secret information about u.s. operations overseas. our broadcast partner nbc news says a general cartwright may have revealed details of a u.s. cyber attack on iran's nuclear facilities. generalcard white -- cartwright was head of the investigation called stuxnet during the obama and bush presidencies. >> one of the big questions about the stuxnet program is who gave the information to the new york times in 2012? now there comes were that someone at the very highest levels at the pentagon may have been responsible for the leak. in 2012, the new york times ran a story about a computer worm called stuxnet and how it was the obama administration's key weapon in a prolonged cyber attack on iran's nuclear weapons program. it affected computers worldwide in 2010. cybersecurity experts assumed at that time some go
the world is praying for an ailing nelson mandela. >>> corporate america has moved quickly in dropping paula deen, but her fans are saying not so fast. >>> plus, gwyneth paltrow's striptease moment. fingerprint technology coming to an iphone near you. and would you ride a motorcycle naked 20 miles for a $50 bet? it is friday and "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, june 28th. >> good morning. i'm richard lui. today marks the end of the first week of the george zimmerman murder trial. it's been a whirlwind of dramatic, emotional and grueling testimony. danielle leigh is live outside the courthouse for us in sanford, florida. good day to you. >> reporter: richard, good morning. legal experts tell me the state has already called their main witnesses to the stand. most notably the teen on the phone with trayvon martin just minutes before he was shot. now they say the prosecution will likely begin attacking the accuracy of george zimmerman's own words. george zimmerman's defense team expressed confidence heading into a fifth day in court. >> i'm very com
a man who is a current representation of freedom and equality around the world. nelson mandela, the 94-year-old former president of south africa, there is late word tonight that his health has taken a turn for the worse in just the past 24 hours. critical condition, according to the current south african president jacob zuma. we are monitoring south african television for you. cnn is live outside the hospital where mandela is right now. and where zuma is saying this. he is saying the doctors are doing everything possible to get his condition to improve and are ensuring that mandela is well looked after and is comfortable. he is in good hands. mandela has been hospitalized since june 8th for a recurring lung infection. previously authorities had described his condition as serious, but stable. mandela has become increasingly frail over the years. he hasn't appeared in public since south africa hosted the world cup in 2010. the anti-apartheid hero has been in and out of the hospital in recent years. his history of lung problems began when he was a political prisoner on robin island for 27
is not looking for a photo with nelson mandela. one american is reported killed in egypt. war photography, does it reveal the horror or desensitize us to it? welcome to our viewers on pbs in america and around the globe. president obama has arrived in south africa saying he is not looking for a photo with the ailing nelson mandela. he tested down a few hours ago on the second stop of his weeklong tour of the continent. it has been overshadowed by concerns about mr. mandela's health. earlier, mr. mandela's former wife spoke to reporters outside of the hospital where he is .eing treated >> i am not here to answer any medical questions, i am not a dog her. .- i am not a doctor he is still on well. a shortore, i spoke time ago to our reporter in soweto. to what extent has the visit overshadowed by the concerns about nelson mandela's health? >> quite significantly. i have the opportunity to cover president obama's visit four years ago. there was crowds everywhere, which is of the president everywhere. you could get a sense of the excitement that the first african-american president of the u.s. was v
snowden, the admitted leaker of nsa state secrets. we're live in moscow. >>> nelson mandela's health has deteriorated and become critical. >>> the second-degree murder trial of george zimmerman and the trayvon martin shooting begins today. >>> plus, ath-defying feats of skill and bravery. the supermoon. did you see it? lebron james is cashing in on another 7 million bucks a year. "early today" starts right now. >>> this is "early today" for monday, june 24th. >> good morning, everybody. i'm betty ngyuen. he is arguably the most wanted man in the world. edward snowden is evading u.s. authorities in a game of cat and mouse fleeing hong kong sunday and flying to moscow. after spending the night in russia, snowden is reportedly flying to cuba today and then to venezuela. u.s. lawmakers are not pleased and what him brought back to the u.s. >> what's infuriating here is prime minister putin of russia aiding and abetting snowden's escape. the bottom line is very simple. allies are supposed to treat each other in decent ways and putin always seems almost eager to put a finger in the eye of the u
swirl about the condition of ailing nelson mandela. live to south africa next. >>> the dea agent who paid the ultimate price is honored. >>> could a solar flare send the earth back to the 19th century? >>> welcome back to "early today." nelson mandela remains in critical condition in a south africa hospital. for the latest, dekeir simmons joins us from pretoria. >> reporter: good morning. you can see behind me members of the ancu, young people are singing and dancing in the streets celebrating nelson mandela. just before they were here we saw some of nelson mandela's family come out of the hospital and collect some of the flowers, the many flowers and goodwill messages that have been left outside the hospital. one of them said to the camera, she said, look, we know that -- how loved nelson mandela is, he is stable, but at the same time the president's office describing him as critical. you can see these young people coming by, singing and dancing, celebrating nelson mandela. back to you. >> keir, thank you so much. >>> edward snowden could spend weeks in legal limbo thanks to ecuador
. >>> the president is with his idol just miles away. how will the president help the critical nelson mandela. >>> the courts of appeal overturned the california same-sex marriage ban ties the knot. >>> the tigers are coming. asian tiger mosquitoes, that is. they're aggressive, they carry disease, and they're invading state after state. that and much more on "cbs this morning saturday" on june 29, 2013. >>> and good morning. welcome to the weekend. welcome nancy cordes, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. they're dealing with some big heat in the west. 106 degrees in phoenix. >> we'll have some great guests for you in studio 57, including a fantastic band, the mavericks. they're back after nine years with a live performance in our second cup cafe. >>> our oldest fine dining restaurant, delmonico's. we're going to talk about him serving up some dishes in the restaurant where they were invented. >>> a record heat burning up much of our country. it's dangerous, it's constant and causing misery for millions of americans. the western part of the nation is suffering, expecting highs of triple
. the u.s. president arrived in just as nelson mandela's health is reportedly improving. welcome to al jazeera. protesters andn the city of alexandria. two people have been killed, including a u.s. teacher. injured in have been the fighting. army helicopters have been called in to stop the violence. opponents of president morsi ransacked [inaudible] there has been more unrest in other parts of the country. we report from the capital cairo. >> they took to the streets once again to support their president, a man they want to see finish his four years in office. they will defend his legitimacy. struggle is not only about president morsi. this is about islam or no islam. they want to destroy islam. leaves,esident morsi there will not be another nextdent in egypt for the 100 years. no one will stay for more than 48 hours. >> a show of force in support of the president. it is exactly that red line that supporters want to protect. they chanted all day long. people cheered him on this same square when he became president, but after a year, they are here to oust him. him a redto give card. we
and brazil. barack obama has praised nelson mandela as his hero and an inspiration to the world. u.s. president held a private meeting with mandela's family, offering words of comfort. his host, jacob zuma, said both men were bound by history of the first black president of their countries. mike hanna is in johannesburg. not everyone was pleased to see him, barack obama. >> he had a mixed reception. he was greeted by a small number of protesters. opposed to the u.s. policies rather than the president himself necessarily. some i spoke to expressed disappointment at the limited nature of his visit. the u.s. president went straight to a university campus, straight into the building, where he held a meeting with a selected group of young african leaders. he did receive a rapturous welcome within that town board meeting. the young leaders drawn from throughout south africa, part of , hispresident obama said agenda to encourage leaders. talks betweeneral zuma.ent obama and jacob >> bright smiles as the two presidents meet. another president lies gravely ill in a hospital down the road.
african president nelson mandela today. we'll let you know why he didn't visit mandela himself. >>> also, a commuter nightmare looms. the latest on the negotiations to keep b.a.r.t. from shutting down monday morning. >>> and an inside look at the silicon valley company that's given consumers palpitations all year, netflix. mom, frank ate the bones. no i didn't. you ate the bones. no, you ate the bones. nobody ate any bones. so, frank didn't eat the bones? no honey, frank did not eat any bones. well he's breathing on me. no i'm not. yes you are. no i'm not. yes you are. no i'm not. yes you are. [ male announcer ] it's kfc original recipe without the bones freshly prepared white or dark meat boneless and skinless try a 10 piece mixed bucket for just $14.99. today tastes so good. >>> turning to world news, president obama met privately with members of nelson mandela a's family today. the global icon is in critical condition in a south african hospital. the president is in south africa as part of a three-country tour. here's more from johannesburg. >> reporter: president obama met with the f
one of the most important heroes of our time, nelson mandela, conquered the evil of apartheid, remains in, quote, clinically unwell condition. president obama is in johannesburg this evening. all the talk is about whether he'll get a chance to make a bedside pilgrimage to visit the great man before he passes away. >> i don't need a photo po, and the last thing i want to do is be in any way obtrusive when the family is concerned about nelson mandela's condition. >> he is not in south africa because nelson mandela may be in the final moments of his life. he's visiting a major trade partner for america. he's in senegal wednesday, and heading to tanzania on monday for similar reason. these three countries appear to give the president the best shot of taking advantage of economic opportunities in america, something america arguably hasn't done a good job of at late. china's was $200 billion last year. compare that to the u.s. if the united states is not leading in africa, we're going to fall behind in a very important region in the world. over the last decade, an incredible story unfolded i
- being. and comfort. >> south africa's president tells the world nelson mandela is in the critical condition. more gunfire in eastern lebanon where 15 soldiers have been killed fighting supporters. a verdict is expected in the case of former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi accused of having sex with teenage prostitutes. teenage prostitute. the man responsible for one of the biggest intelligence leaks in u.s. history and checked in for a flight from moscow to havana. the airplane is on its way to cuba. according to passengers on board, and with snowden's seat is empty. john kerry wants him to be sent home to face justice. choseonder if mr. stone china and russia as assistance in his flight from justice because they are such powerful bastions of the internet freedom. i wonder if while he was another of those countries he raised the questions of internet freedom since that seems to be what he tibia's. he evidently places himself above the law having betrayed his country with respect to the violation of his oath. i think there are serious implications in that. is, peter? where
for the latest on nelson mandela's condition. >>> plus, an airport heist of $1.2 million in $100 bills. that's next. >>> welcome back, everyone. nelson mandela remains in critical condition in a south african hospital. joining us now from pretoria. good morning, what do you know? >> reporter: good morning. we are waiting for tribal elders from nelson mandela's ancestral village to get to the hospital. yesterday, family members went there to the village to have a discussion, and we also hear the south african government is holding its cabinet and the condition will be discussed there. there are reports of some family members say that he is responding at times, but at the same time we hear that yesterday the archbishop of cape town was here and he with other family members around nelson mandela's bedside said a prayer. betty? >> thank you, keir. here are other stories making news this morning. >>> pope francis looks into vatican bank amid new money laundering probe. >>> also, vladimir putin says he has no plans to extradite edward snowden. he's believed to be holed up inside moscow's airport.
>> songs and prayers for nelson mandela as friends and family members visit him in hospital. >> hello, and welcome. i mendenhall with the top stories from the world -- i am in doha with the top stories from around the world. and u.s. president obama troubles too cynical -- senecal -- senegal. he is three years after kicked out of office by his own party, kevin rudd is sworn in as australia's prime minister. but first, relatives of former south african president nelson mandela said he is in stable condition after they visited the 94-year-old former president in hospital. they spoke to what -- hundreds of well-wishers and the media gathered outside a hospital in pretoria. his condition has worsened in the past couple of days. members of the family to give people a run the world for their support. people around the world for their support. >> we are anxious, but we thank everyone for their efforts. for the international support, the local support. if >> is he stable? >> he is stable? -- >> he is stable. we appreciate all the support. we are truly thankful. people love hampshir
president jacob zuma, but will he be visiting nelson mandela who continues to be hospitalized? we'll tell you about all that in a moment. >>> in the death of trayvon martin, one person that we have not heard from before is trayvon's stepmother. straight ahead, you will hear what she has to say about the trial and the loss of her stepson. >>> hello, everyone. we're beginning with a dangerous heat wave carrying temperatures well over 100 degrees baking parts of the west. it could hit 128 degrees in california's death valley today, and people are doing whatever they can to try to stay cool. alexandra steele is live for us in the cnn weather center. this is some oppressive heat, particularly dangerous, alexandra, for the most vulnerable of our population. >> you know, but with numbers as high as these are, it's not only that. i mean, we're talking about records that aren't just highs for the day or highs for the month, but some of these places in the desert southwest could see temperatures that they have never seen before. here is why. it is a jet stream extreme. so here is what's happening.
are with nelson mandela and his family and all of south africans. >> nbc's kristen welker is traveling with the president and is in johannesburg. president obama held a town hall today amid protests. what is president obama saying about his visit with nelson mandela's family. what are you hearing? >> well, richard, good afternoon to you. the president is calling that meeting a privilege. he sat down and spoke with two daughters of nelson mandela and eight grandchildren for about half an hour. he said he expressed his heart felt support for the entire family as they went through this incredibly difficult time. he also reaffirmed the importance of nelson mandela's legacy. the president also placed phone call to nelson mandela's wife bep also learned today that the president will not be going to the hospital to visit the former president of south africa out of deference to what the family wants right now. president obama was able to visit nelson mandela back in 200 5. that's when mr. obama was still a senator. the first laud diand the first daughters visited him back in 2011 when they wer
, president obama in africa. a major mission of diplomacy. how will the health of nelson mandela affect his visit. >> the star witness for george zimmerman case takes the stand after a stunning day in court whachlt the defense needs to do now. >> welcome to "early start." i'm christine roman. >> i'm john ber man it is now 5:00 a.m. in the east. >>> the supreme court saying the federal government must recognize same-sex marriages and opening the door for gay unions to resume in virginia. they took to the streets celebrating what is called a major victory for gay rights. >> reporter: all night and into this morning, celebrations for historic ruling. while others denounce what they call the death of traditional values. emotional reactions following a pair of supreme court decisions giving the same-sex marriage movement the biggest victories to date. the court striking down part of the defense of marriage act to deny benefits to same-sex couples and allowing them to resume in california whachlt now? >> we will continue to fight in the states where we won 37 times. i think the states will contin
is meeting privately with family members of the former president, nelson mandela. mandela, as we all know is in the hospital, in critical condition. and abc's ron claiborne is in pretoria right now. ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. as you know, the president, president obama, had hoped, had wanted to meet with nelson mandela at the hospital with me. that's not going to happen. the white house releasing a statement, and i quote, out of deference to nelson mandela's peace and comfort, and the family's wishes, they will not be visiting the hospital. there was a press conference a short while ago. and the president obama spoke about nelson mandela. >> the outpouring of love that we've seen in recent days shows that the triumph of nelson mandela and this nation speaks to something very deep in the human spirit. >> reporter: instead of meeting with nelson mandela, the president will have a private meeting with a number of family members of nelson mandela. the location and timing of that has not been disclosed. the fact this meeting had to be called off, the hoped
. south africa,s in but says he will not the ailing nelson mandela. sexifornia resumes same- weddings after a court in san francisco lifted the ban earlier than expected. in cycling's top race, the tour de france. u.s. president barack obama is in south africa for a state visit, but his trip is being overshadowed by nelson mandela's poor health. the two met in 2005. obama has called the anti- apartheid icon a personal hero. the 94-year-old has been in the hospital for more than three weeks fighting a lung infection. >> the helicopter that brought president obama flew past the hospital. but obama has said he will not visit the former president out of for his comfort and tranquility. crowds gathered along the route of obama's motorcade, eager to catch a glimpse of him. zuma and his wife were waiting to greet the obamas. werea and mandela bound by history, as the first black president of their hit -- countries. >> this country's historic transition to a free and democratic nation has been a personal inspiration to me. it continues to be. >> amid the sadness, opinion has been divided on w
have to testify anyway? governor sarah pa lin weighs in. and we'll look at nelson mandela. we'll look at his fight to end racial discrimination and how his life parallels dr. martin luther king. and the nfl decides to punt on propoeting obama care. administration looking for high profile pitches. and the pros are not buying it. i am uma, we are live from the nation's capitol. america's news headquarters starts right now. >> and we begin with what is a dangerous heatwave that is gripping most of the western part of the nation. we are talking about triple digit temperatures and folks in death valley, california they are bracing for teches to hit 130 degrees today. that is close to a record set back 100 years ago. they are joining us live from santa monica, california where it is and cooler than death valley. dom nick? >> uma, people are taking to the ocean to coloff in santa monica beach. families are heading into the water. and marine hanging over the coast. it is 90 degrees in the city. and as you head further inland, it is going to get warmer and out in death valley, record of 134 de
. >>> critical condition. late word of the change for the worse for nelson mandela. details live from johannesburg. >>> raging weather. wildfires and historic flooding. and where the severe threat is tonight. >>> high anxiety, daredevil nik wallenda prepares to make a walk across the grand canyon. >>> and life savers, the grueling training it takes to become one of the coast guard's elite rescuers. >> good evening. the man wanted by the u.s. for spilling classified secrets about the government surveillance programs is on the run tonight in a move that caught everyone by surprise. edward snowden hopped a flight out of hong kong early this morning our time headed for moscow. but his journey will apparently not end there as he looks to find asylum in ecuador. tonight the u.s. has issued a plea to foreign governments around the world to not allow snowden to pass. so far diplomat overtures to bring him into u.s. custody have failed. uncovering both the diplomat and legal fallout tonight, but first, kristen welker with more on how he successfully broke from hiding. >> reporter: tonight the
. >> james, thank you very much for joining us. the south african president says nelson mandela remains critically ill in a hospital. the former president, 94, has been suffering from a lung condition. he says doctors are doing all they can to make him more comfortable. ndrew harding reports now from johannesburg >> messages of support for an increasingly frail man. the 94-year-old already in intensive care took a turn for the worse this weekend. his condition now described as critical. >> the doctors are doing everything possible to ensure that he will be in comfort. >> perhaps you can give us more information about his condition. >> what i understand is that when a person is critical, the person is critical. i am not a doctor to describe conditions. to say how critical. i think that is the business of the doctor. >> nelson mandela's lungs were damaged during the years he spent in prison for fighting against white minority rule in. old age he battled against repeated infection. his daughters, grandchildren and ex-wife came to visit him in the hospital after a tense fortnight the mood h
words of nelson mandela's condition. doctors put him on the critical list. now appearing at the legendary cotton club he is a world away from the world that thought would bring him stardom. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. between a travel brochure and novel. after revealing details about two top secret surveillance program in the u.s. he fled to ng kong and was charged with espionage. wikileaks is now involved. gordon starts off our coverage. >> the flight from moscow to havana, packed with journalists, but seat 17a was empty. the plane took off a few minutes late leaving the exact whereabouts of the former spy a mystery and washington still looking for him. >> what we know is that we are following all of the appropriate legal channels and working with various countries to make sure that rule of law is observed. >> snowden is wanted for spilling secrets about america's national security agency. how they have been gathering data on domestic phone calls and tapping into global communications traffic. he is on the run, a want
back. nelson mandela remains in critical condition in a south africa hospital. he's been hospitalized with a recurring lung infection. keir simmons joins us from outside the hospital in pretoria. good morning, keir. >> reporter: good morning, betty. the crowd you can see behind me here now are just people gathered around. local reporters for local television stations. this is how worried people are. they are just standing around, listening, trying to hear news on the wall of the hospital behind them is now plastered with good will messages for nelson mandela. we've had no update on his health today but yesterday the president of the country, jacob zuma, says he is still in a critical condition. meanwhile, we hear that members of nelson mandela's family are gathering at the ancestral family home about two hours flight away from here. and they are said to be gathering to discuss what's said to be sensitive matters in relation to nelson mandela. as people across the country watch and wait for news. >> we're watching very closely. keir, thank you for that update. we do appreciate it. >>>
. to staycan forces set at least for a little while in jordan. members of nelson mandela's family met at his home as the former leader remained in critical condition at a hospital. he has been there for more than two weeks after being committed for a recurring recurring lung infection. i spoke to gabriel who was outside of the hospital. what is the latest from the hospital on nelson mandela's condition? question latest statement from the presidency, who is the only source of official information, is that his condition is unchanged. he is still in a critical condition in this hospital here to hide me where he has been for the last 18 days. tonight is arent these crowds of people never before have we seen this number of people come here. they are bringing their letters of support. they have become families of children. they are asking him to get well soon. this has been quite upbeat. this is contrast to the official statements we have been getting from the presidency. the message from the president to south africans was that they should not hold out false hope and they should take this news in
nelson mandela. >>> plus, the d.e.a. agent who paid the ultimate price is honored. >>> and could solar flare send the earth back to the 19th century. that's coming up. >>> welcome back. nelson mandela remains in critical condition at a south african hospital. for the very latest keir simpson joins us live. >> reporter: good morning, mara. moving scenes behind me. you may be able to see a large crowd of fans. family members have thanked the press. there has been some confusion and rumors this morning. we had been told that nelson mandela's condition had gotten worse over the last 48 hours, that had been reported. i just spoken to a spokesperson for the south african president's office, he told me that it's not correct that his condition has gotten worse. south african president zuma has canceled a trip to mozambique this morning. after he visited mandela at the hospital behind me last night. he said that nelson mandela is still in critical condition. we have confirmed he does need a ventilator. crucially he's still described as critical. mara? >> keir simpson, thank you. >>> edward snow
nelson mandela is lying in a critical condition. all night, vigils were held by the anc party for the ailing leader. ♪ >> we thank the mandela family. every child knows the story of the great man who grew up here. >> he builds a school for us. we didn't have one before. i'm really sad that he's not feeling well. he's really helped us here. >> the eastern cape province has electricity and running water as well now. from any of the town's inhabitants, life remains very simple. as nelson mandela's help has deteriorated, his birthplace has been swamped from journalists -- swamped by journalists from around the world. the journalists have to remain across the street from the rule location -- remote location to give the family some privacy. next-door, construction is underway. some residents say the mandela's eventual grave is being prepared. discussing such things for someone who is still alive is normally considered taboo in south africa, but among visitors to the museum, the national hero's health is also a topic of discussion. >> i wish that he could get well. we still need hi
zuma taking reporter questions in south africa. also word obama will meet with nelson mandela's family. >>> california couples are now getting married weeks before expected. >>> also, a life-threatening heat wave is scorching the west. temperatures nearing the 130 mark in some places. a lot on the record for the airline industry. this time it's airline reservation fees. good morning, everyone. hope you're having a great saturday. i'm richard louie in for alex today. first, to president obama's trip to south africa. live pictures of the news conference going on right now. started an hour ago. president obama is holding this news conference with south africa's president zuma. he talked about the former president nelson mandela who remains critically ill in the hospital. take a listen. >> by saying our thoughts and those of americans and people all around the world are with nelson mandela and his family and all of south africans. >> ron allen is life in south after where the president will be visiting today. good morning to you. the president will hold a town hall there. not everyone is h
. >>> the man who leaked secret documents is on the lose. >>> an update on nelson mandela next. . >> edward snowden who admitted to leaking details about surveillance in the united states is no longer in hiding. his passport has been revoked. he is on the move seeking a lyle um in -- asylum in a foreign country. >> reporter: the allegations amount to es espionage. . >> allies are supposed to treat each other in pruden prudent ways. >> it is really pushing forward in human rights. >> reporter: snowden says obama let programs flourish instead of curtailing them. >> this is a very important mission in defending ourcountry. >> reporter: the justice department has disputed claims. >>> nelson mandela is in deteriorating condition. the former president is in critical position. the south african president went to visit him. he has been in the hospital since june 8th for arecurring lung infection. >>> james gandolfini will be buried this week. the service will be in a manhattan church. he was in italy for a film festival and was going to receive a special award. >>> stumped by a rash of car thefts.
to watch the health of nelson mandela. this morning there are conflicting reports about his current condition. this comes as president obama is in africa right now this morning set to head to south africa before the weekend. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live monitoring that latest news out of pretoria right now. she joins us from our newsroom with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. those con flinting reports we're hearing is whether or not nelson mandela is actually on life support. in the words of his eldest daughter he is, quote, very critical this morning. talking to a south africa news agency she says he's still giving us hope, opening his eyes, still reactive to touch. we will live with that hope until the final end comes. that's a quote from nelson mande mandela's oldest daughter. >> his family arriving at the hospital in pretoria a few hours ago where they were agreeded by crowds of well-wishers. right now it's just after 2:00 in the afternoon. his family says they appreciate all the love and support from those who show up day after day. >> we don't like seeing m
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image problem. >>> president barack obama didn't meet nelson mandela today sh but did speak about the south african leader at a youth town hall meeting. we'll tell you what he said. >>> a dangerous heat wave is baking parts of the west. temperatures are soaring above 110 degrees. in death valley, it could hit 128. the heat took its toll at an outdoor concert in vegas yesterday. more than 30 people had to go to the hospital. alexandria steele is live for us in the cnn weather center. it is hot and only getting hotter. >> you mentioned death valley. if death valley hits 130, two degrees shy of our forecast, it will be the first time in 100 year, so we are in some rare air here. essentially, it's an atmospheric blast furnace. it's that high pressure ridge that's kind of acting like a dome, kind of trapping this heat in it. high pressure means sinking air, which means compressing air and thus, warming air and pretty rapidly. the problem is, it's not going to budge for quite some time, really until july 4th. so we've got a couple of days of this that's for sure. extreme heat. at least
>> this is al jazeera. >> welcome to the newshour. the top stories now. nelson mandela's condition worsens. doctors say south africa's foreign -- former president is critically ill. whistleblowere who uncovered secret spying programs flies to moscow. the death toll from floods in india rises to 6500. away inict is hours the verdict of the former italian prime minister accused of having sex with an underage prostitute. -- health of nelson mandela has worsened. south africa's government says the 94-year-old is now critically ill. the anti-apartheid hero has been in hospital for more than two weeks. pageou page -- tonya reports. >> a nation in prayer. many south africans continue to hope nelson mandela makes a speedy recovery. the 94-year-old former president has been in hospital since june and 8, receiving treatment for a recurring longer lung infection. hisver the past 24 hours treatment -- condition has become critical. doctors are doing everything to make sure he is well looked after and comfortable and his condition improves. >> on sunday, several family members visited mandela,
this morning. president obama heads to south africa. as emotions boil over from nelson mandela's family. >> overnight, a new police search at the home of former nfl star and murder suspect aaron hernandez. could he be connected to more killings? >> and hard falls by the world's top tennis players. is there a blade of truth to the claims that grass court is wiping them out of wimbledon? >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> these are some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded on earth. >> i felt like i was going to die. >> an historic heat wave smothers the west. >> excessive heat warnings. back through nevada into california parts of arizona. >> temperatures in southern california could approach wait for it, 130 degrees. >> president obama arrives in south africa today as part of his three-country tour of the continent. >> south africa's attention is focused on nelson mandela who remains in critical condition this morning. >> the u.s. senate passed the first major immigration bill in nearly 30 years. >
-scheduled tour, but the trip is ofrshadowed by the health of nelson mandela, who is 94 and in critical condition with a lung infection. mark phillips is there. >> reporter: all the singing and all the good wishes for nelson mandela may be a tribute to what he means here. but the appeals to the heavens are being accompanied by the , fe-sustaining work of modern medicine. and nelson mandela's ex-wife, winnie, today suggest the medical intervention may be t lking, at least for now. for now te >> reporter: as the crowds have gathered outside the hospital, the sparse and sometimes misleading official updates about mandela's condition have led to a tension between the family and the international press which is gathered, hungry unr honest information. mandela's daughter, makaziwe, sees the interest as intrusion. >> it's like truly vultures waiting to devour the buffalo, waiting for the-- that's the image that we have as a family. foreporter: it is into the sad, lingering drama that barack obama arrived this evening. the president said on his flight here that he was not seeking a photo op with the fadi
of years ago. i'm still struck by the smallness of not just the island but the cell where nelson mandela was for so long. you spoke to his friend as well as his prison warden. what memories are they sharing with you? >> well, actually, peter, i could not get to the island because the weather closed in around us and my producer, michelle newbird and her cameraman were out there the day before. i had been there before. ak med muhammad khutara and chris brand, a young prison guard who befriended mandela talk about now that he's at this stage in their life, what they remember was the dignity and the determination that he had that he should not overplay his hand. he wanted to learn, for example, african's language, the language of the white minority. he was a man, he was born into royalty and he always carried that with him. >> tom, you described as a career highlight having been there for nelson mandela's release in 1990. i want to play some sound from your conversation with nelson mandela then and get some of your personal thoughts. >> given the conditions of the time right now, do you thin
south africa. what we've just learned about former president nelson mandela, now in critical condition. authorities say doctors are doing everything they can. >>> in this country, the extreme weather tonight. the storms barrelling across much of the heartland. triggering floods, the cones suddenly washing away. and the threatening tornado caught on tape. >>> and a shot in the arm. is there something we all already have that will help our bodies bounce back? tonight, remedy or risk? >>> good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a sunday night. and we're going to get right to that international chase tonight. u.s. authorities trying to track the movements of edward snowden, the man who revealed the sweeping surveillance program right here in the u.s. tonight, he is on the run. it was just 48 hours ago, snowden learned the u.s. charged him espionage. he faces decades behind bars. overnight, snowden slipping out of hong kong. abc news has learned with several laptops full of secret information. flying to the moscow airport where it is believed he is spending the night in dipl
. today the white house said president obama may meet with nelson mandela's family when mr. obama visits south africa eight days from now. mr. obama calls mandela one of his personal heroes. mandela is 94 now and has been in the hospital for two weeks fighting a lung inflection. the man who succeeded him as president said mandela's health is improving and one of mandela's grandsons said he expects him to be released soon. correspondent debora patta is in pretoria, south africa, for us tonight. debora, they say he is improving. what's the information that you have? >> reporter: what we are hearing, scott, is completely at odds with statements from former south african president. our sources tell us that nelson mandela's kidney and liver is functioning at 50%, that he had to have a procedure to repair a bleeding ulcer and another one to insert a tube. we're told he hasn't opened his eyes for days, that he is unresponsive, and we also understand that nelson mandela's family is discussing just how much medical intervention is enough for a man who is old and, clearly, very sick. >> pelley: an
>>> president obama travels to south africa today and hopes to visit with nelson mandela while the south africans closely watch the health of the leader. >> the senate approves the immigration bill that would open the door to millions, but it faces an uncertain future in thehouse. >> in cold-blooded fashion kill add person because that person disrespected him. >> football star aaron hernandez remains on a jail charge and the normal new england patriot may be facing even deeper legal troubles. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, june 28th, 2013. . good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. well, president obama wraps up his visit to the west african nation of senegal this morning. later he and his family are scheduled to travel to south africa. on sunday they'll go to tanza a tanzania. last night president obama attended a state dinner. later he visited goree island, a historic port where slaves from africa passed through on their way to the new world. mr. obama said he would like to visit nelson mandela to south africa, however, mandela remains in crit
unemployed. >> south africans pay their respects to nelson mandela. the former president remains in a critical condition. >> a new exhibit explores the many myths surrounding cleopatra. >> europe's summit to keep millions of young people from becoming victims of the banking crisis has promised to speed up the reimbursement of funds to help them. >> millions of peoples are at risk of never having a stable job, sparking fears of a lost generation and unrest. >> more than three years of turmoil has sent joblessness soaring across parts of europe. >> we will hear from a leading eu lawmaker in a moment. first, we have this report. >> italy's premier and most other eu heads of state were in a positive mood. the summit got off to a good start with a last-minute budget deal. tackling youth unemployment will be a major priority. >> we decided ahead of in two cs where youth unemployment is over 25%. >> the money will help young people find jobs after a four- month period of unemployment. that's not enough for the social democratic resident, who thinks there should be more investment in sma
as nelson mandela clings to life. he said he will let the family decide about any hospital visits. >>> my exclusive interview with former president jimmy carter. >>> welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> it's been a fifth day of dramatic testimony. i think we'll be using that word a lot as days go by. we're talking about george zimmerman's murder trial. >> there's a witness, a neighbor, who saw the fatal fight and offered a detail account of what he saw and what he heard the night zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. >> that witness was one of the people who called 911. george howell is outside the court in sanford, florida. george, this is a state witness, isn't it? he clearly supports zimmerman's story that he was the one being pummelled in that fight. tell us about it. >> good day. absolutely. john good, his system very important for the defense because he is the witness who all along has stated he saw someone on the bottom who seemed to be lighter complexion had a red jacket on. the same red jacket that george zimmerman was wearing suggesting it was trayvon mart
into the bay. >>> nelson mandela's health takes a turn for the worse. an update is ahead. >> the police cal -- political ties of james began -- gandolfini dealing with his death. >> and we'll visit the most popular racing event of the ye >>> developing news as former south african president nelson mandela's condition deterioratesment it has worsened in the last 24 hours and his condition is listed at critical. the 94-year-old has been hospitalized for two weeks because of a recurring lung infection. it dates back to his 27 year inprimment in south africa. >> ed tallan media reports the body of james gandolf phinney is on the way back to the u.s. a spokesman thanked bill and hillary clinton for and expect died -- expediting the return of his remains to the u.s. >> the iconic san francisco book store that first published poetry celebrated its 60th 60th year in business today. >> birthday cake, poet the readings and music greeted customers athlete city lights book store. the legendary independent book store and pushing house was founded in 1953. since then it's withstood the digital revolution
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